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AQRU Review: Pros, Cons, Fees & More

Tobi Opeyemi Amure
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AQRU Review

Looking to earn high-interest income from your crypto holdings?

Choosing a reliable crypto savings account is an excellent way to increase your returns every time you invest in your favourite currencies.

But not all crypto savings accounts offer the same services.

This AQRU review breaks down everything you may need to know about AQRU, a world-class crypto savings account and cryptocurrency exchange widely known for convenience, competitive fees, and flexibility.

This article was reviewed by Tobi Opeyemi Amure, a cryptocurrency expert and writer at, and

What Is AQRU?

AQRU is a flexible crypto savings account provider that offers interest earnings on crypto holdings. With an active account, you can earn interest on idle digital currencies. 

And everything begins with the signup process before choosing and depositing the specific tokens you want to get high yields on. AQRU’s two most popular currencies include Ethereum and Bitcoin, both coming with a 7% APY.  

If you choose the stablecoins, you will have three major options: DAI, USD Coin, and Tether. As the name suggests, stablecoins are meant to tackle market volatility while earning you an impressive APY of 12% on AQRU.

The best part? AQRU hasn’t made it compulsory for investors to lock their digital currencies. This is the exact opposite of many crypto interest account providers and only confirms AQRU’s flexible approach to online investment.

And because you don’t have to lock your currencies, it’s easier to withdraw your money to your private wallet anytime.

Another significant advantage of opening an AQRU account is that it accepts multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers in GBP, EUR, and USD.

This has made it a popular choice amongst investors looking for high APYs on fiat currencies. Then, you can start earning returns by converting your fiat currency savings to the supported digital tokens

In summary, AQRU would be an excellent option for you if you fit any of the following categories;

  • If you hold primary crypto investments in stablecoins, BTC, or ETH.
  • Looking to store crypto assets but unwilling to stake or work with other DeFi options.
  • If you possess a GBP or EUR bank account and are looking for a platform that supports direct conversion from different currencies (EUR and GBP) to crypto. 

AQRU Services

AQRU provides a place to purchase cryptocurrency as well as a crypto savings account. This makes it possible to earn interest from the first time you deposit fiat money or crypto tokens to your newly created account.

Even better, AQRU has impressive withdrawal terms, which is exactly what many investors need when getting started.

Most importantly, you can easily track your interest payments on the AQRU account and reinvest the dividend payments to increase your returns.

Supported Coins

Generally, you can earn interest payments from five major digital currencies on AQRU, including;

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • USD Coin
  • DAI

There is a good chance that we will see an increase in the number of supported coins in the future.

Interest Rate

As we’ve mentioned, you will only earn interest payments from your crypto savings account on AQRU. That means one of the first things you will probably want to find out before creating your account is the interest rate and applicable restrictions.

With AQRU, the interest rate for depositing Ethereum and Bitcoin to your newly created account is 7%. The same rate applies to the two currencies if you complete your transaction via credit/debit cards before converting them to the desired coin.

Stablecoin deposits are even more lucrative, earning you up to 12% interest rates. Remember, these coins are useful for navigating market volatility that’s so common with crypto trading.      

CoinInterest Rate
USD Coin12%

Interest Caps

You will be delighted to know that AQRU has no caps on its headline interest rate.

This is only comparable to other big names in the online investment industry like Binance (offering a 5% APY on Bitcoin up to the initial 0.01 BTC)) and BlockFi (with a 4% APY on Bitcoin, up to the first 0.01%).

However, AQRU’s rates are second to none, ranging from 7%-12% on Bitcoin/Ethereum and stablecoins, respectively.

No Staking Requirements

Another unique feature that helps AQRU stand out from the crowd is that it has no staking requirements. Ordinarily, many crypto interest platforms will require investors to stake the local digital token before accessing high-interest rates. 

A classic example is Nexo, with an 8% APY on Bitcoin that only applies if you invest in the platform’s native token, the NEXO token.

So, if you ignore their token, the interest is considerably reduced to only 6%. Luckily, AQRU has no such requirements, offering high-interest rates no matter the digital token.

From our review, we couldn’t find any variations in AQRU’s interest rates or any mention of their native token.

Payout Frequency

Now, this will interest many investors. From our review, it was also clear that AQRU makes interest payments every day. This is a huge advantage for many reasons, and it will probably appeal to investors keen to maximise compound growth using long-term portfolios.

This option makes it easier to reinvest the accrued interest and increase your gains in the long run.  


One of the most exciting features of AQRU is that you can deposit funds via fiat currency or crypto. So, assuming you have Ethereum and want to earn interest on the tokens, all it takes is a simple transfer of ETH to your AQRU account. This is a simple process that only compares to funding a crypto exchange.

But that’s not the end, AQRU also accepts credit/debit card payments and bank transfers. After that, you can complete the conversion to get the supported currency and earn income interest immediately.

Similarly, withdrawal occurs in real time, and you can complete your transaction whenever you want. Also, you can either complete the transaction via crypto or fiat currencies.

This simplifies everything, eliminating the need to contact an external crypto exchange to complete the transaction.

How Does AQRU Pay High Interest Rates?

But how does AQRU pay such a high interest rate? That’s one of the questions many investors ask before creating their crypto savings accounts on the platform.

This is an overly underrated aspect of choosing a savings account and one worth paying attention to. At the very least, you will want to find out how AQRU can comfortably fund its operations despite only specialising in one service.

To clarify, AQRU generates interest from the clients’ crypto deposits. In other words, they rely on the users’ crypto deposits to give loans to borrowers and other institutions.

Moreover, the platform relies on regular deposits to offer much-needed liquidity for decentralised exchanges. Ultimately, the APR is higher than the payable interest, earning AQRU some profits in the process.  


AQRU thrives in its fee department, offering some of the most competitive rates by any crypto savings account provider. Registering on the platform is free, just like you won’t pay any platform maintenance fee. Even better, AQRU’s APYs aren’t characterised by any dilution.

With an active AQRU account, the only fee you may have to worry about is the withdrawal charges associated with cryptocurrencies. Currently, this is $20 per withdrawal for every digital currency. However, there are no fees associated with fiat currency withdrawals.

Fee TypeFee
Account OpeningFree
Maintenance FeeFree
Deposit FeeFree
Fiat WithdrawalFree
Crypto Withdrawal$20

User Experience

One of the major driving forces behind AQRU’s meteoric rise is its user-friendliness. This makes it appealing to beginner investors keen to take their first steps in the field.

The account opening process is pretty straightforward following successful ID verification. After that, you can deposit money into your account in another straightforward process. And just like that, you can start earning interest from your newly created AQRU crypto interest account.

As we mentioned before, AQRU distributes the interest payment every day, provided you have idle crypto in your account. The tracking feature lets you monitor your earnings from time to time by checking your AQRU account. 

Many investors will find AQRU’s mobile app quite useful. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and provides a simpler way to track your interest payments and complete every transaction in the palm of your hand. 

From our review, we were overly impressed by AQRU’s user-friendliness, and even a new investor shouldn’t face any problems accessing and using the desktop website or the mobile version.

Tools & Features

AQRU provides basic tools and features, which is fair enough considering it only specialises in crypto interest accounts.

It lacks any day trading tools or crypto loans and will only help you earn high-interest payments on your digital currencies.

Customer Support

AQRU provides multiple ways to contact its customer support team. However, the live chat feature is arguably the best option, instantly connecting you to the customer service agent. You can also email them at [email protected] or fill out a support form on the website.

How Do You Earn Crypto Interest on AQRU

Like many investors, you will want to take advantage of AQRU’s 12% interest rate on idle digital currencies. But if you aren’t familiar with the basics of the platform, you will need a few tips to guide you throughout the process, including the following;

Step 1: Registration

Of course, you need an active AQRU account before you can start earning interest from your idle digital currencies. And you can create one by clicking “Sign Up” on the official website and entering your email address and the desired fiat currency.

Next, you must select a strong password before clicking “Create Account” and accepting AQRU’s terms and conditions.

Step 2: ID Verification

ID verification is a crucial step during the account opening process. Here, you will provide a copy of a government-issued ID like a driver’s license or a passport.

Ordinarily, the ID verification process should only take a couple of minutes, with an email notification to confirm the process.

Step 3: Make Your Deposit

You can transfer the digital tokens directly from your private wallet if you own any of the supported digital currencies or make direct deposits in GBP, USD, or EUR.

If you go with the second option, you can transfer funds via credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Step 4: Earn Interest on Your Tokens  

You don’t have to convert the funds if you make direct deposits in stablecoins or crypto. In this case, you can earn interest from the currencies instantly.

For fiat currencies, you must first convert the funds into the desired digital token before you can start earning interest.

For instance, many investors keen to earn interest payments as high as 12% per year will choose a stablecoin.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it. Our detailed AQRU review has covered everything you may have wanted to know about this platform, including all the important aspects, like the withdrawal terms, fees, customer experience, and interest rates.

From our review, we can conclusively say that AQRU is a worthy contender for the best crypto savings account provider and exchange in the UK. The 7% and 12% interest rates on Bitcoin/Ethereum and stablecoins are arguably the best in the market.

Overall, AQRU is a user-friendly platform, with no withdrawal restrictions or any lock-up terms to contend with when managing your account. If that’s not efficient, what is?


What is AQRU?

AQRU is a highly rated crypto savings account provider that offers interest payments on idle digital currencies. With a new account, you will enjoy a 7% APY on Bitcoin and Ethereum and up to 12% on stablecoins.

Where is AQRU located?

Accru Finance Ltd. (Bulgaria) is physically located in Bulgaria. It is a subsidiary of Accru Finance Ltd. (UK), based in the UK.

Is AQRU available in the US?

No, while AQRU accepts fund deposits in USD, it’s not available to US clients.

How does AQRU work?

Everything begins with the signup process, after which you can deposit the funds right away. Then, AQRU will collect your coins, lend them to borrowers or other individuals interested in such assets and give you a 7-12% APY. The platform distributes the interest payments every day, with fund withdrawals happening in real time.

How do you earn interest on AQRU?

You only need to create an account and deposit your crypto token to earn interest on AQRU. Also, you can earn interest by depositing fiat currency using a bank wire or credit/debit card before converting the funds into the supported currencies.

What are AQRU’s interest rates?

AQRU offers 7% APY on Bitcoin and Ethereum and 12% on stablecoins (USD Coin, Tether, and DAI).

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